College Library is well equipped with the necessary books for Unani Education in sufficient quantity, along with the regular course books. The Library is equipped with advance Unani Journals to keep the students well informed with the latest development in the field of Unani.

Periodicals are available in the library reading room. Books are issued to the student as per rules of the library. A library card will be issued to each student for the “Purpose of Library Books”.


The Hostel rooms are provided with necessary furniture; Hostel is adequately equipped with Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian mess attaches to it and is managed by the mess committee. The expenses are shared by all the boarders.

Herbel Garden

A vast Herbal Garden with more than 200 varieties of medicinal plants is present in the campus for the treatment of the patients, knowledge and value of Herbal plants for the students.


Own well equipped & well furnished Unani pharmacy is available in college campus for practical training of students and manufacturing of Unani Medicines for the treatment of patients in the Hospital.